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The mission of the Office of Assessment & Evaluation is to design, promote, and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement through assessment and evaluation. Assessment and evaluation at VT are reflective practices incorporating systematic investigation that lead to evidence-based decision making. This mission is achieved in collaboration with partners across the university and the broader education community through practices that encourage innovation in student learning and the learning environment.


WEAVEonline Deadlines

Each academic degree program, undergraduate and graduate, should measure one student learning outcome that either has not yet been measured or has been indicated through a previous action plan as needing to be re-measured. By June 30, 2016, summary findings (qualitative and/or quantitative) should be collected and entered into WEAVE as well as a reflection (indicated in the action plan) of what these data mean. Contact Steve Culver ( if you have questions.

Program Assessment Planning Workshops

During the Spring 2015 semester a three-part, interactive workshop series was presented detailing how programs can design a manageable and effective assessment process. The PowerPoint presentations of these sessions are available below. The title for each of these sessions highlights the areas that were covered. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part I – Missions, Outcomes, and Curriculum Mapping
Description:  This session covered how to develop a program mission statement, how to design program and student learning outcomes, and how to create a program curriculum map that highlights student learning opportunities. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part II – Measures, Additional Mapping, Targets, and Analysis
Description: The topics covered during this session included choosing assessment methods, designing additional assessment planning maps, creating achievement targets, and analyzing the results of the assessments. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part III – Action Plan Development, Closing the Loop, and Reporting
Description: This presentation focused on assessment action planning, “closing the loop”, and reporting findings.  

Click here for: VT WEAVEonline 

Office Information

The Office of Assessment and Evaluation is located in Hillcrest Hall.

Office of Assessment and Evaluation (MC:0157) Hillcrest Hall, Room 122, Virginia Tech 385 West Campus Drive Blacksburg, VA 24061

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Phone:  (540) 231-6823
Fax:      (540) 231-7978



Upcoming Events

Evaluation Roundtable
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OAE Announcements

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